Emergency Treatment for New Mothers, Babies and Children at AMURT Nigeria's clinics

Can you help us raise US$100,000 before 31st December 2019 to provide emergency treatment to the next 200 new mothers, newborns and children whose families can’t afford it? We are very fortunate to have a generous sponsor who will match every donation. This mean every US$ donated will be doubled! The campaign will close on 31st December.

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NIGERIA: Offer a young woman an Opportunity for education: Become a sponsor!


6 young rural women who have demonstrated talent and commitment as trainees in one of eight AMURT assisted health centres in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

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School of Health Technology, 135 Ezzangbo. Ebonyi State, Nigeria


CHEW – Community Health Extension Worker. 3 years. JCHEW – Junior Community Health Extension Worker..2 years.

Registration: May – June. Entrance exam; July
School starts: September

SCHOOL and WORK: The students will report to work in the AMURT assisted health centre when they are on leave from the school and will be guaranteed a job in the same health centre when they graduate.

Name Health
Sarah Nwankwegu Ephuenyim 2012 21
Ogechi Enwogu Ephuenyim 2012 22
Amarachi Nwode Ephuenyim 2014 26
Ginika Nwankwor Odeligbo 2014 27
Amarachi Ejeje Odeligbo 2014 22
Josephine Elom Gmelina 2014 22


SPONSOR one of the above candidates for their 1st year in school:
CHEW: £250 – JCHEW: £235.

Covers registration, tuition, dorm fees, books, and misc. school fees.

Or make a general donation of any amount towards the scholarship programme.

AMURT provides a monthly allowance for living expenses.

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Community participation:
The key to successful primary health care

In coordination with local leadership, AMURT recruits Community Resource Persons from the local project areas to help ensure a 24 hour service in the eight primary health centres where we assist. The presence of locals on the staff has been crucial in strengthening the bond between the health centres and the communities.

It has contributed to increased community confidence and higher patronage. The local staff easily organise outreach programs and when needed follow up on pregnant women with home visits. The local staff have been very reliable in being at their posts and doing their best for their own people.

Capacity building:
Making primary health care work

AMURT offers a scholarship program to give the most talented and committed Community Resource Persons the opportunity to become qualified health workers. At the start of 2017, seven candidates were in school on AMURT scholarships. Two have already graduated and are employed in AMURT health centre’s. Another two will graduate in September.
Through employment and support for further education, AMURT has given dozens of young rural women, and some young men, a career and the opportunity to serve their communities.
The AMURT project areas are all remote and economically depressed farming communities with few or no educational or career opportunities for young women. Most end up married young and forced to farm with few chances to fulfill their potential. Capacity building is a key factor for increased self reliance of primary health care in the rural areas.

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Francesca at her matriculation at School of Health Ezzangbo in January

Chinyere and Blessing at their matriculation last year at School of Health, Onuenyim

Ogechi Enwogu &
Sarah Nwankwegu

Amarachi Nwode

Ginika Nwankwor

Amarachi Ejeje

Josephine Elom

Trainess at Elugwu Ettam Health Center

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