Appeal: Life-saving surgery for 20 children in S.E Nigeria

Onyekachi (left) was born and treated for Spina Bifida with Hydrocephalus just after she was born. Uchechi (right) was born with an intestinal obstruction and spent 2 months in hospital.

AMURT Nigeria will provide life-saving surgery to at least 20 babies and children from disadvantaged families in Ebonyi State, S.E. Nigeria. AMURT Assisted Health Centre’s are receiving increasing numbers of patients with life threatening conditions as their reputation for high quality care grows. Many of the cases are babies and children whose families are impoverished and unable to pay for surgery to save the life of their loved ones.

AMURT works in remote rural areas of Ebonyi State. According to the National Bureau of Statistics 73.6% of the state population live on less than US$1 per day, the % is higher in rural areas. This means families can’t feed themselves properly let alone pay for expensive life-saving surgery. Some of the serious conditions children present with include spina bifida (when spine and spinal chord don’t form properly), Hydrocephalus (where fluid accumulates in the brain) & intestinal obstruction.


AMURT will sponsor the treatment of children whose families can’t afford to pay for the surgeries themselves. This will ensure peace of mind for the families that their loved ones will be taken care of without having to get into a spiral of debt by taking out expensive loans. Surgeries can range between US$100 and several thousand depending on the condition and possible complications.

Long-Term Impact

At least 20 children and possibly more will have access to treatment that could save their lives.

Appeal closes: 2nd October

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