AMURT’s Group Volunteering activities in London

Are you looking for a nice way to give back to your community and use your company assigned charity days in a meaningful way? How about a great team building activity for you and your coworkers that simultaneously helps vulnerable people in our city who struggle with food poverty and homelessness?

What we do

Our organisation works with volunteers to create delicious plant-based meals and energy bars that are distributed to the most vulnerable struggling with food poverty.  We work with both individual volunteers and private firms or organisations who send corporate teams to support us with our activities.  Volunteering at AMURT is very meaningful as our meal services go directly to those in need.

Our offer

We want your teams to work together to do something worthwhile that is also fun.  Our activities are completely interactive and they also support your team by providing a social space for your group, boosting team spirit and morale, inspiring motivation and simply being a lot of fun.

Here is a list of our activities:

Vita Bites energy bar making Monday, Wednesday or Friday, AM and PM sessions possible.

This activity is all about the preparation of our delicious, nutritious Vita Bite energy bars. Our lovely kitchen is turned into a small factory and we aim to make, cut and wrap energy bars.  These bars will be distributed to homeless, charities and the most vulnerable to boost their nutritional intake.


London Feeding Programme, Chop n’ ChatThursdays AM and PM sessions.

Group cooking that includes the preparation of all the elements for a delicious plant-based meal.  During this activity, the group will learn some knife skills, they will work together and most importantly they will produce delicious meals and pack them to later be distributed to vulnerable people struggling with food poverty.


London Feeding Programme, after work meal distribution  Thursdays at 6.30-7.45pm.

This is a group activity where your team will support us with the distribution of meals and snacks to our regular queue at Lincoln’s Inn Fields. We have been distributing weekly meals there without interruption since 2011 and we intend to keep doing this.



Although we rely heavily on volunteers, each of our sessions is expensive to run as there are many overhead costs for us to meet like rent, gas, packaging, petrol etc.  For this reason, we ask corporate partners to support us with donations.  These can be monetary contributions to cover overhead costs, or donations of items that we need for our activities and for our beneficiaries such as food staples, packaging, or clothing (socks, hats, gloves).  AMURT will be very grateful if, as well as sending volunteers, your organisation could contribute with a donation to support our cause. Our suggested donation amount for corporate groups is £50 per person or £200 per session, as this is the total cost for us to run each session.

The difference you will be making

The issue of food poverty has been severely highlighted during the pandemic, and with rising commodity prices it is certainly not something that will go away now that the lockdown has eased. We understand that there is an ongoing and increasing need for nutritional support for vulnerable individuals and households. With your help, we can continue to help those most at risk to have access to a more balanced diet.

What next?

If you want to support our cause, it is easy to get involved.  All you need to do is organise a team (4 people maximum for an energy ball production session, 4-6 max. for a Food Preparation session, and 4 people maximum at distribution), choose your activity and a date.  Your team will have to sign some forms for health and safety and attend a short Zoom induction session.  Once all of that is done, all there is left for you to do is for your team to join us, have fun and do something very meaningful and with direct impact.

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