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lovageAnthony Edward Lovage

Anthony Edward (Govinda) Lovage is a trustee and the chair for AMURT UK and is presently responsible for Local Service Projects. He is Co-Founder and Director of not-for-profit health food store Food For All (London) Ltd., founded in 1975 and is a trustee of the Sunrise Education Trust. He has a diploma in Sustainable Communities & Person Centered Counseling from University of East London and has studied Psychodynamic Counseling, Herbal Medicine and Emergency Relief Feeding strategies.



Jeff Reiter
(known as Dada Jyotirupananda) 

Dada Jyotirupananda has worked as an administrator and coordinator with various global AMURT organisations for 20 years, carrying out relief and community service programs in Sudan, Jordan and Turkey. He has been a trustee of AMURT UK since 2003. Responsibilities have included financial oversight, project coordination, fundraising coordination and public relations. Dada is editor of New Renaissance, a magazine for social and spiritual discussion and author of Meditation: Searching for the Real You, a respected book on yoga practices.

ParaPierre Boyde

Pierre Boyde is currently the Treasurer of the AMURT UK board of trustees. While living in Singapore he co-founded a primary school in Taguig, one of the most deprived areas in the capital of Philippines, Manila. He’s also worked on housing projects in indigenous areas of Guatemala and has been involved in fundraising for AMURT’s international emergency relief work. His current focus is the development and expansion of existing AMURT UK projects.


Dada ParamasukhaPatrick Conrad
(known as Dada Paramasukha)

Dada Paramasukha’s experience working with AMURT developed during his formation as a yogic monk in the South Philippines. From 2011-2015 he served on a direct response team providing critical aid to the communities of Mindanao and Samar affected by typhoons, super typhoons and floods. Through cooking, serving, distributing clothing, providing medical care, and music to to those in unfortunate circumstances, Dada has come to understand there is more satisfaction in giving than in receiving. In the structure of AMURT UK he has taken on a more administrative focused role, but continues to find time to share moments of joy within marginalized communities of the UK.

IT & Web Support and Virtual Office Assistant

KalyanaKalyan McKenzie

Kalyan has been responsible for AMURT UKs IT operations and support since 2009. Since April 2017 he’s taken a role looking into the web presence and audience of AMURT UK.



Fundraising Manager

Supriya HornSupriya Horn

Supriya is AMURT’s fundraising manager. She has worked in fundraising for more than 12 years in various infrastructure organisations such as Directory of Social Change and Women’s Resource Centre. She has found working for AMURT since September 2017 marries her fundraising and project management skills with direct projects she feels passionate about.



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