Abha Light Foundation Kenya

Abha light Foundation runs an innovative project called The Spirulina Nutrition Project (SNP) alongside it’s Free Children’s Clinics (FCC), to target children and mothers experiencing chronic malnutrition in vulnerable communities in Kenya. 

The primary goal of SNP is to end malnutrition and address the dietary and nutritional needs of children and mothers through the use of spirulina. The SNP has found spirulina to be highly effective in impacting the health of children, often with remarkable results, including improvements to children’s growth, weight and psycho-social behaviour. 

SNP believes in self-reliant community health and sustainability. SNP grows its own spirulina at its farm located in Kambimawe village where there is also a large Free Children’s Clinic.

Hundreds of children are treated with homeopathic remedies and spirulina in the clinic. Most of the children that attend have issues with low immune systems, malnutrition and chronic medical conditions.

For more info: www.abhalight.org and www.facebook.com/AbhaLightFoundation/

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