Ukraine update 10 April


Today we are pleased because of good spring weather. People are smiling like they have forgotten about war. Thank God. We are continue doing our service: find food, cook and feed people.

In the outskirts of Kyiv. The local owner of the restaurant brought food and gave his restaurant to prepare food for our defenders, retirees and others who need help. Local people and volunteers also help with the products. We feed for 80-93 people daily

They took 60 kg of cat food from the new post office and received another 20 kg of dog food at the humanitarian aid warehouse, handed over this case to volunteers who deal with abandoned animals, in return they received a huge thank you and all the clothes in dog hair and dog kisses. Then we made a purchase of products for a restaurant where our girls cook delicious meals, prepared 500 servings of food, and delivered food to outlets.
I fed the concierge in my entrance, gave him 3 portions of food, 2 loaves of bread, tea and canned food.

Today was a wonderful day despite on snow and cold. In the morning we received 600 kg of food and delivered all this to the restaurats and places where people are cooking food. And of course to the restaurant Hukka on Khershchatyk street. Where our valiant team cooks delicious dishes to those in need. We cooked 500 portions. Also we delivered food for people from Slomenskyi district of Kyiv. There are a bunch of people. We shared some food with other people who volunteered also feed old people. Then we met some unhappy woman and gave her some yummy. 

Moldova Border

Translation on video:
Today we fed with delicious pea soup, cabbage cutlets and the queen – buckwheat 🙂

At least 150 people were very thankful. Some of them were with tears in their eyes 😢

Zaporozhye region

We continue to help people with food. Also we bought animals feed.
Total spent: 3576 uah

We continue looking after retired people, large families, poor people and animals. We spent on food and fed for animals 3979 3979 UAH.


We bought and took food to the center of migrants on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Str.

Products 2728.15 UAH
Refueled the car 549.99 UAH

Total spent today 3278.14 UAH

We went to a new center for IDP at Manuleusnsk Prospect.
We bought food for 2626.44 UAH.

We cooked rice, bought bread, cookies, sweets and distributed apples to those in need at the railway station in Dnipro. Different people came – the homeless and those who moved from other areas. We fed about 30-40 people


Offering candies in Donetsk to those sheltered in hospital.


A team from Kharkov, decided to organize a powerful ministry for the daily preparation and delivery of food for all those in need in Kharkov. We all know about the difficult humanitarian situation in this city. Today the guys bought a large amount and will use the canteen provided to the guys for free, we will support this project.

In a nutshell, the director of the sports boarding school gave us a canteen and cooks and gave the green light for cooking and delivering food, naturally we will feed the staff and those who need it in the district, since everyone will work for the idea, we bought food, something he donated to us from that what was in stock.
We want to deliver food to those areas of the city where people need food the most (they can’t cook themselves or something else), where other volunteers are infrequent, and in general where there is a need for food. The metro authorities are already asking us to bring 250 portions for tomorrow, tomorrow we will do everything to fulfill this and make a photo report, we need to resolve the issue with containers, disposable tableware, cans, but this is not a problem) we were given contacts of people, we will already be able to talk with factories, suppliers of utensils so that they provide it at the lowest prices. Regarding the amount that is needed, my guys say at the rate of 50-70 liters of gasoline per day, the purchase of food (it all depends on the capacity, I think we can cook food for 1000 people a day) and technical details, how much finance is needed for such volumes it is not clear yet, but we are grateful for any help, I will be able to tell the real costs when the cooks calculate the consumption of products and we calculate the amount of the purchase per day. Among other things, we are also engaged in the delivery of targeted food to those who really need it, and we have a person who daily transports food from the village of eskhar, there are 65-70 families, and this absorbs 20 liters of gasoline every day and at the rate of 100 UAH per family (2-3 people).


Today our chefs have prepared 200 servings of field porridge with bread and apricot compote. The food went to those who need it, some people took it home for their relatives and the elderly, we are not going to stop, we will cook and help more people! In addition, we brought food packages for 2 families.

Today we cooked and delivered 300 portions of wheat porridge with sauce, eggs and bread, now there is no light in the kitchen due to the bombing, I hope they will turn it on tomorrow. Let’s cook and help more people!

Today we passed a bit of food for people who is located in Pyatikhatki (currently it is very dangerous district in Kharkiv) We underestimated the amount of porridge so we cooked only 210 portions. However, everyone were happy. We took them to a boarding school for deaf and dumb children, to a school, a kindergarten and the metro.

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