Response to the cost-of-living crisis

At AMURT we are responding to unprecedented needs as the cost-of-living continues to rise leaving individuals and families, already struggling, with the prospect of not being able to put healthy food on the table.

Since 2022 we have seen numbers of service users steadily increasing at our hot food distribution points and we expect demand only to grow. We are exploring ways we can collaborate further with local food banks to provide hot food while families collect weekly supplies.

We also made successful efforts during the winter to distribute more toiletries and warm winter gear to those who struggled through a challenging winter. And we expect the next winter to be similarly challenging with people struggling to heat their homes as well as affording healthy, nutritious food.

Additionally, we have created a specialist team of volunteers who are offering a signposting service to help direct service users to further support they might need around benefits, health and housing. We work together with two health centres which offer medical support to the homeless and vulnerable together with benefits and housing advice.

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