Donate to Rural India - The Neglected Face of the Covid Pandemic

Donate to Rural India – The Neglected Face of the Covid Pandemic

Covid-19 is surging through India, resulting in record-breaking numbers of new cases with medicine and oxygen in tragically short supply, not to speak of the devastation it has reeked on peoples livelihoods. Unfortunately Rural India has been receiving very little attention or support from either the media or government agencies.

Rural India disproportionately hit 

In Purulia district, West Bengal, many tribal people still live below the poverty line. In the remote areas where our local AMURT team works medical infrastructure is extremely weak. This is having a devastating impact during this second wave of covid. Cases and deaths are going unreported. From our surveys it is also clear how underlying conditions are going untreated due to fear, a lack of access to doctors and medicines and due to a lack of resources.

On a daily basis we are seeing people struggle to make ends meet due to the continuous lockdowns. Unemployment is very high. Hunger and malnourishment is common.

The difference you can make

You can ensure that disadvantaged communities, in this neglected rural area, get what they deserve: urgent access to medical care, food, resources and knowledge of how to support themselves with effective home herbal remedies.

AMURT has worked in over 60 villages surrounding Ananda Nagar, Purulia since the 1960’s and has its origins in this area of West Bengal. Our team is ready to increase the scope of our activities and reach more vulnerable people.

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Donate to India

UK Projects

Food For All London

Food For All

Health Food Shop
Opened in 1976 Food For All is a not-for-profit limited company, health food store, herbal dispensary and much loved community asset.

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Feeding Programme


Support for Homeless
Up to 200 free meals a week are made from produce that would otherwise be wasted and served to people, mainly homeless, in need of food in London.

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Covid-19 crisis response in London

Volunteers ready to serve food at Holborn

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic AMURT UK have significantly increased its services to meet the nutritional needs of these beneficiaries and the number of volunteers we work with has tripled.

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Implementing Partner Projects

Disaster Relief

AMURT UK is part of a global network of local AMURT chapters that respond to humanitarian disasters.

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Made In Hackney

Made In Hackney

Local Food Kitchen
We are proud to have incubated this pioneering eco-community kitchen that teaches growing, cooking, composting skills that are good for people and planet.

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AMURT North West, Liverpool

Liverpool Projects

BREKI – Breakfast kitchen offering tea, coffee, cereal to the asylum seekers and refugees
JUDE – Just drop in English Classes, teaching English to the asylum seekers and refugees

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AMURT Nigeria launched in 2010. The chapters core work is to reduce mother and child mortality rates.

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Amurtel Greece

AMURTEL Greece has an all-women team of midwives and support personnel which is working in refugee camps, squats and other refugee accommodations in the wider Athens metropolitan area.

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AMURT Romania has been providing vocational skills and housing to vulnerable young people, many homeless, since 1990.

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AMURT Ghana began work in the mid 1990s as part of the Mafi-Zongo Area Water Project located in the Ghana’s Volta Region.

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AMURT Kenya run a myriad of projects from HIV-care, youth programmes, emergency mass-feeding and health/social enterprise initiatives.

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