AMURT Nigeria launched in 2010. The chapters core work is to reduce mother and child mortality rates (which are some of the highest in the world) and improve the health and wellbeing of locals by empowering community members with the skills to be health professionals.

They have developed a unique model of addressing the primary and maternal healthcare needs of neglected rural populations.  The model demands that the community initiate, manage and take ownership of the project in partnership with the government. It has been developed over more than a decade of daily presence in villages. 

AMURT’s strategy has resulted in 11 well managed, high functioning Primary Health Centres with a guaranteed 24 hours service.

AMURT Nigeria also develops water and sanitation projects within their project area and raise funds to ensure those that cannot afford emergency surgery are able to receive the care they need. 

AMURT UK has provided support to AMURT Nigeria in the form of small grants to purchase things like Life Wraps, suits to stop haemorrhaging after birth by restricting the blood flow, and Ambu Bags – a simple but highly effective piece of equipment that help babies breath after birth.

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