Ukraine update 11 March 2022


Photos from the nursery of the Dnipro Animals Foundation, our guys delivered food to them, we also transferred money earlier.

Now engaged in the evacuation of animals from the Oryol region

400 UAH – support for the family of a women, left without a job, two children

2000 UAH – transfer to the  Red Cross to purchase products. The Red Cross is accepting refugees, now they are being brought ready meals, but this is not enough for all people.

Today I received a request from this shelter for cats and dogs. Purchased food for puppies and cats and toilet litter in the amount of UAH 2749.23. They took me to a shelter.

2817 UAH products

Products have been purchased to support refugees who come to the Igren railway station. It was handed over personally to my brother, he is coordinating in the volunteer center “Varta Dnepr”.

Thursday we bought food and took it to the reception center for refugees from different regions.

Spent 2083.58 UAH

On Friday we bought food for dogs, we support a woman in Dnipro who feeds about 30 stray dogs on an ongoing basis. Now in the conditions of war, her capabilities are limited, we will support her with products for dogs on a regular basis.

Bought food Friday for the amount of UAH 684.32
Refueled the car for 500 UAH
Total spent today 1184.32 UAH


Today there is a need for help for residents of Slavyanogorsk

Purchased products in the amount of 2510.42 UAH Purchased medicines 1366.70 UAH

All this was taken today

Total spent today 3877.12 UAH

More support

Sent 3000 UAH to a woman with 2 years old child to help her commute to the master unit. She is moving from Kyiv now.

Sent 3000 to a woman and her family. Currently she is in difficult situation. She is located in the Kyiv region right at the front line.

Sent 3000 UAH to a family that is in critical situation, since in Chernihiv there are a fights now and family doesn’t have money anymore. They have only 2 hour per day to buy some food.

Sent 1000 for fuel to our volunteer-driver in Kyiv that helps us to get people to the rail stations and evacuation points.


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