Update from Ukraine 14 March 2022

Dnipro helping with refugees from other cities, Odessa assisiting animals, Kyiv project to provide meals to those in need daily, Zaporozhye region supporting people.

Support for refugees in Sicily and Poland with accomodation.

Zaporozhye region

Food for people UAH 1106


Purchased food for the local volunteer center

A report from the Red Cross, food for the IDPs was purchased with what we transfered to them.

Today there was a need for food in the center for refugees, which is located on Vernandskogo Street. We purchased food for 2733.67.

Yesterday they took food to the headquarters of the migrants spent 2126.10 UAH

Today we purchased food for refugees and displaced persons in the amount of UAH 2,804.19 And they took them to a humanitarian center for migrants on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue.


We continue to feed homeless animals.


Our contacts established a charity project in Kyiv. On daily basis they cook and deliver food to people in need. This project requires financial support every day. We are going to spend 2000-3000 UAH per day to buy food.

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