Ukraine Update 21 March 2022

Supported those in Belyavka and Donetsk region, plus Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa and Zaporozhye region.

We have an AMURT team on the Siret border between Romania and Ukraine where we coordinating NGOs and provide Emergency Psychological support to refugees and front line workers. Fundraiser link:
In Ireland a team is preparing for refugees and have a school for children 1 to 5 year old.

Free accommodation in Italy for Ukrainians.

We gathered 25 people and Dada Genadavanda took them to Sicilia to the master unit

We fed 400 people on the border with Moldova

The Sikhi donated a lot of buckwheat and rise for service. We fed people one more time on the border with Moldova. We fed about 200 people. In addition journalists and volunteers were asking about AMURT.


We delivered food to five lonely retired people. In addition, we bought medications for old man that has radiculitis. We spent 219 uah.


There is an air alarm while I’m writing this message. Today we cooked 700 servings of food and delivered to the shelters. Me personally delivered food to the Kyiv hospital. Staff of hospital and patients love our food.

Made a purchase, brought 32 portions of food to the humanitarian aid warehouse, in return received potatoes, cereals, hygiene items, distributed hygiene items to our staff, took a box of medicines from the train, gave the medicines to the right hands, brought them to the warehouse ground defenses 3 bags of flour. We continue to cook.

We cooked 500 portions of food. At the end of the day we delivered medications and 20 portions of food to the Kyiv hospital

Took one family from Troyeshchyna (the edge of geography) to the railway station. He helped one granny with medicines, took 20 servings of food to the hospital, and took 30 servings to the humanitarian aid warehouse. Prepared 700 servings of delicious hearty food, transported and distributed. 

This morning, they took the products and took them to a restaurant, where they turned into tasty and healthy food. Thank you, Oleg, for sharing the products. Then they made a purchase of products in a supermarket, put aside part of the products to a reserve warehouse, in case of unforeseen circumstances. Then he took food to the station, in return he received potatoes and canned food. Then I went to another person who shared purified water and two buckets of ready-made dumplings that were molded by the hands of caring Ukrainian girls. Tomorrow we will distribute them to those in need. 

Today, they continued to cook food for people, and one handed out dumplings in his neighborhood. He also fed a homeless passer-by with bread and yogurt.


Yesterday we went to the center of migrants on the Filosofska str.

We urchased and transported products in the amount of 2236.39 UAH.
We also refueled the car for 399.86 UAH.

Total spent 2636.25 UAH

We bought and delivered food for the internally displaced people from Kharkiv and Lugansk, who are located in the Higher Vocational School #17 on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue.
Spent 2692.38 UAH

Purchased socks, underwear, shaving razors for the needs of the military, transferred to the volunteer point of school No. 57.

Spent: 732 UAH

Purchased means for washing, washing dishes, disinfection for the needs of refugees, transferred to the church at the Solnechny railway station.

Spent: 536 UAH

We bought pain killers, antibiotics for military needs and passed to the volunteers.

Spent: 1084 UAH

Today we took food to the Humanitarian Headquarters of IDPs, which is located in the School on Bohdan Khmelnitsky Str.
Spent 2814.63 UAH

Today, food was taken to the humanitarian headquarters of the IDPs at the School on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue. There is always a need for food.

Purchased for the amount of 2583.53 UAH

693 UAH, products, cereals, vegetables for the elderly

Today we bought and delivered food to the center of migrants on Philosophical Street. Spent 2810.68 UAH.

Zaporozhye region

We continue to distribute food packages to people. Now there is a problem with pensioners who received their pensions not by card, but by mail. Money cannot reach our village at the moment. We still take care of the animals in the local shelter, as well as homeless animals.

In recent days, 2815 UAH have been spent on food and some medicines.

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