AMURT/EL Retreat 13 - 16 August 2023


Yorkshire Dales

United Kingdom

Welcome to the first AMURT/EL regional retreat in a very long time!

AMURT and AMURTEL work with local communities to relieve immediate suffering in times of disaster and crisis and empower people to lead happy, healthy, and environmentally sustainable lives.

AMURT and AMURTEL are active around the world and we want to celebrate all the wonderful work happening.

Come and enjoy a blissful few days of spiritual practices, walks in nature and talks by AMURT workers from around the world.

Be inspired to get involved on a local or international level from one of many amazing projects making a real difference to peoples lives.

IYou will have the opportunity to support one of these inspiring projects on an ongoing basis instead of paying for the retreat


if you prefer you can choose to pay for the retreat.


You can choose from the following:

This AMURT retreat is a gathering where individuals can learn more about AMURT, become acquainted with various AMURT projects in different countries, and explore opportunities to visit, support and work with them to contribute to relieving the impact of disasters and alleviating poverty on a longterm basis.


For queries contact us:

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