Who We are


AMURT UK was founded in June 1986. AMURT stands for Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team and UK denotes our location. ‘Ananda’ means ‘bliss’ and Marga ‘path’ in Sanskrit. AMURT UK’s projects in the UK consist of the homeless feeding program, the Made In Hackney Local Food Kitchen, and the Food For All health food shop, a not-for-profit limited company, health food store and herbal dispensary, the proceeds of which are donated to AMURT UK to allocate as small grants to projects in need.

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Meet the Team

Grace Collins, Chair Of Executive Committee

Grace Collins (Karuna) joined AMURT UK as chair of the Executive Committee in 2011. Before working for AMURT UK she worked in the private sector as a water resources/environmental development specialist. Grace left the private sector to start a family and then made the move to working for charitable organizations, which she found to be much more fulfilling and accommodating of family life. Within AMURT UK her main role involves raising AMURT’s profile, ensuring smooth day–to-day running of AMURT UK operations.

Meet the Trustees

Our Philosophy

The guiding philosophy of AMURT has always been to render service to society and seek the welfare of all beings. This philosophy also sees that all people have the right to have physical health, mental development and spiritual satisfaction. By helping people to live in harmony with each other and to develop practical skills so that they have control of their lives and their community, AMURT believes that everyone can move toward a life of complete fulfillment.

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Our Affiliates

AMURT UK is affiliated to the following organisations that share our mission and philosophy.

AMURT GLOBAL www.amurt.net

ANANDA MARGA www.anandamarga.org.uk

SUNRISE EDUCATION TRUST www.sunrise.org.uk

AMURTEL www.amurtel.org

Sunrise Farm, Ireland www.sunrisefarmireland.org/

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