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AMURT NW works in some of Liverpool's most deprived neighbourhoods where rates of child poverty are at their highest. Their Animal Assisted Therapy programme will give 480 children from disadvantaged families the opportunity to work with ponies and experience some of the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy. Animal Assisted Therapy can improve mental health and tackle feelings of isolation. It teaches children empathy, patience, responsibility, self worth, social skills and confidence.

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AMURT UK is supporting the AMURT NW office with their fundraising.


The guiding philosophy of AMURT has always been to render service to society and seek the welfare of all beings.

The base of this attitude lies in the ideas of a spiritual teacher and yogic guide from India, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. Through his teachings, and the meditation practice of many AMURT members, we realise that everyone deserves a life free from poverty or undue suffering. Anandamurti’s philosophy of Neo-Humanism proposes a universal view of humanity, where compassion and the spirit of one human family, as well as the value of all beings, are at the core, and thus are at the core of AMURTs principles.

Thus every person, regardless of race, creed, gender, colour or social status is viewed as a dignified member of the human family who should be treated with understanding and respect. Thus AMURT seeks to help people find long term solutions to problems so they need not live on charity nor on the edge of society.

This philosophy also sees that all people have the right to have physical health, mental development and spiritual satisfaction. By helping people to live in harmony with each other and to develop practical skills so that they have control of their lives and their community, AMURT believes that everyone can move toward a life of complete fulfillment.

The yogic monks (known as the Dada’s) and nuns (known as the Didi’s) of Ananda Marga are the main spiritual guides, and they often play an active role in the service work of AMURT.

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