Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the London Feeding Programme

AMURT UK’s London Feeding Programme has grown from starting 10 years ago in the City of London to offering vegan meals and energy balls in Hackney, Islington and Camden.

London Feeding Programme began to offer warm vegan meals weekly in the City of London 10 years ago.

Since the summer of 2012 AMURT UK has held a regular weekly place at Lincoln’s Inn Fields in Holborn to serve vegan meals, bread, salad and water to the homeless.


Go bites! prep, warm meals in containers ready for delivery, bicycle courier

Operations expanded in 2020 during the covid19 restrictions (including lockdowns). Covid19 affected many in the community. To support them we started to:

  • Prepare and distribute, through our own and our partner distributions, Nutritional Support Packs called Go! Balls which are protein and nutrient dense, to the homeless and vulnerable families/people
  • Offer hot nutritious meals to the vulnerable in the communities in Hackney, Islington and Camden, including personal delivery by bicycle

Further information is available on our website https://amurt.org.uk/projects/covid-19-crisis-response-in-london/

Let us celebrate the thousands of lives positively impacted and the hundreds of volunteers, staff and donors who have contributed, continued and expanded AMURT UK’s London Feeding Programme.

By supporting our work you are contributing to make a difference to the lives of the homeless and vulnerable in London. People who often don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Your donation will enable us to:

  • Purchase supplies and equipment
  • Prepare warm meals and Go! Balls, our Nutritious Support Packs
  • Support the communities in Hackney, Islington and Camden
  • Keep our network of volunteers engaged and supported

Please support us, when we do it together a little can go a long way.


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