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Active appeals August 2020

AMURT Nigeria Did you know that 19% of ALL global maternal deaths occur in Nigeria and that according to UNICEF 1 in every 10th child won’t reach their 5th birthday? Can you imagine living somewhere with no electricity or road access? What would you do if you needed urgent medical help? AMURT’s Akparata Health Center is located in one of the …

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AMURT UK Flood Relief Action in UK

The Met Office has declared February ‘the wettest on record’ and the consequences have been devastating. Huge parts of the country have been affected by flooding. Some of the worst hit areas have been Wales, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Yorkshire. Donate here Communities have been desolated after the onslaught of 3 consecutive storms in the space of 5 weeks. Businesses …

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Nigeria: Emergency Treatment for New Mothers, Babies and Children at AMURT Nigeria’s clinics

Recently AMURT Nigeria sponsored the surgery of 1 ½ year old Rachel (photo left) who needed a shunt put in her brain due to fluid accumulating there. Her family is poor and couldn’t afford the surgery so they were very grateful to AMURT for paying for the treatment and saving their daughters life. AMURT Nigeria sets up primary health care …

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Amurtel Greece Mama2mama summer appeal

The AMURTEL Greece Summer Fundraising Campaign which started on Wednesday 19th June ends on Wednesday 3rd July. We have had a bit of a slow start to the campaign, but we have recently received a donation from a very generous donor who is willing to MATCH the next £6250 that we raise. This means that for every £1 donated our …

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AMURT Nigeria Annual Report Published for 2017 – Read the highlights

AMURT Nigeria has just released their annual report for 2017 outlining all their amazing work and achievements they have made mainly in the area of maternal and newborn health. The staff works tirelessly to save lives and demonstrate huge commitment to their patients. One of the key achievements is that the maternal mortality ratio in their project area is now …

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AMURT Nigeria Needs our Help: Lassa Virus Outbreak & state wide shortage of HIV drugs

There are two emergencies that AMURT Nigeria need our help with NOW Lassa Fever outbreak in Ebonyi state It has already killed several health workers in the government hospitals. As a result the Federal Teaching Hospital and one of the big mission hospitals in the south are closed.  AMURT Nigeria health centres need to take precautions to protect their own health workers …

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