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AMURT works with local communities to relieve immediate suffering in times of disaster and crisis and empower people to lead healthy, happy, environmentally sustainable lives.

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Ukrainians need your support

War is raging all round in Ukraine with the Russian army moving to encircle major cities. Russian bombs and missiles have rained down across multiple parts of Ukraine following Vladamir Putin’s decision to invade the county of 44 million. We are in hourly contact with reliable persons on the ground in major cities including Kiev, Mariupol, Berdyansk, Dnipro, Lviv and Odessa Nobody is able to work, in Mariupol and Berdyansk the streets are a raging war zone and no one can leave their homes. People in the capital city, Kiev, are sheltering in basements, garages and the city’s underground metro for safety. There is now a very small window of opportunity of a few hours or days to get funds to our contacts who will buy food and medical supplies for free onward distribution to those most in need. This is our No1 priority and we have no time to waste. Please immediately donate what you can. Update: Funds have been distributed to various regions to support people, animal shelter, hospital https://amurt.org.uk/blog/2022/03/06/update-from-ukraine/ Donate to AMURT

Build a school in Laos for 2022

Due to the Covid situation, Sunshine school started shrinking as an increasing number of parents starting losing their incomes. This has made it impossible for Sunshine to cover rental costs.

You can save Sunshine and expand its impact

Many years ago, Sunshine received a generous donation of land, so now is the perfect moment for you to get involved and build a new school. Your contribution will allow the school to expand its reach from 380 students to 700, and grow from middle school to high school. You will also enable Sunshine staff to be free from the impacts of operating on rented premises. Then, they can continue to improve the quality and scope of education for Mecky and hundreds more Lao students. Donate to AMURT

Give the gift of safety and hope to a neglected child in Romania

You can transform the life of a Romanian child that suffered abuse or neglect by giving safety, love, and hope at the AMURTEL Family home. You can make a special gift that will warm your heart. Geani* came to AMURTEL Family was taken out of his home after his mother was hospitalized after a particularly violent beating. Now, in AMURTEL Family, Geani is blossoming. He is an active child, very intelligent, and articulate. He loves to play soccer and is best friends with Andrei, with who he shares his bedroom. When you join our AMURTEL Family of supporters, you will receive:
  • A welcome package, to help you to get to know the child you are sponsoring
  • A regular donor newsletter, keeping you up to date with the activities and progress in the home and after-school center
  • An invitation to join the Facebook group or Whatsapp group exclusively for sponsors, sharing videos, photos, and posts
  • An annual greeting with recent photos of your child and an update on his or her progress
  • The opportunity to send holiday gifts and letters or messages – which the children love to get!
  • Invitations to visit the home during special events – like our “Play Days” or to online events
Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of Geani’s life! * we change the children’s names to protect their privacy Donate to AMURTEL

Food For All London

Food For All Health Food Shop Opened in 1976 Food For All is a not-for-profit limited company, health food store, herbal dispensary and much loved community asset.

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Feeding Programme

Feeding-Program-2013 Support for Homeless Up to 200 free meals a week are made from produce that would otherwise be wasted and served to people, mainly homeless, in need of food in London.

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Covid-19 crisis response in London

Volunteers ready to serve food at Holborn Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic AMURT UK have significantly increased its services to meet the nutritional needs of these beneficiaries and the number of volunteers we work with has tripled.

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Implementing Partner Projects

Disaster Relief

AMURT UK is part of a global network of local AMURT chapters that respond to humanitarian disasters. Read More

Made In Hackney

Made In Hackney Local Food Kitchen We are proud to have incubated this pioneering eco-community kitchen that teaches growing, cooking, composting skills that are good for people and planet.

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AMURT North West, Liverpool

Liverpool Projects BREKI – Breakfast kitchen offering tea, coffee, cereal to the asylum seekers and refugees JUDE – Just drop in English Classes, teaching English to the asylum seekers and refugees

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AMURT Nigeria launched in 2010. The chapters core work is to reduce mother and child mortality rates. Read More

Amurtel Greece

AMURTEL Greece has an all-women team of midwives and support personnel which is working in refugee camps, squats and other refugee accommodations in the wider Athens metropolitan area. Read More


AMURT Romania has been providing vocational skills and housing to vulnerable young people, many homeless, since 1990. Read More


AMURT Ghana began work in the mid 1990s as part of the Mafi-Zongo Area Water Project located in the Ghana’s Volta Region. Read More


AMURT Kenya run a myriad of projects from HIV-care, youth programmes, emergency mass-feeding and health/social enterprise initiatives. Read More

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