Liverpool Autumn 2017 Update

English Classes

Since early October AMURT North West UK has offered volunteer-run English classes to the asylum seekers and refugees in Liverpool from their office with the help of David Shuttleworth who saw a need for classes in the area: “The English classes at  AMURT are a vital lifeline, as there are little or no opportunities for newly arrived asylum seekers to learn English in Liverpool”. The classes have proved popular with up to 12 students in a class and a similar number of volunteer teachers. Jon, volunteer, said “I’ve found it amazingly rewarding and everyone is so warm and enthusiastic”, Niki, volunteer, said “I feel encouraged and inspired that I’ve found an avenue to teach and have a impact on people’s ability to communicate.”


In October the ‘BREKI’ breakfast kitchen project celebrated 3 years of providing breakfast, tea, coffee and hot drinks to asylum seekers and refugees in Liverpool each week. We would like to thank all the volunteers and helpers who have made it happen and continue to turn-up and keep the project going. We would also like to thank the Amurt trustee’s for their co-operation and support.

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