AMURT UK Flood Relief Action in UK

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Communities have been desolated after the onslaught of 3 consecutive storms in the space of 5 weeks. Businesses are in taters, homes are destroyed. Many locals affected say it isn’t like anything they have seen before.

AMURT UK did a reconnaissance mission to Ironbridge in Shropshire to see for ourselves the situation on the ground. Many locals feel isolated and abandoned, left to clean up and get back on their feet again, alone.

AMURT UK has a team of volunteers on standby to help with the clean-up. Our first port of call is Ironbridge in Shropshire where we are working in cooperation with the local council there who are coordinating the clean up effort.

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We are also looking for volunteers to join our team so please contact us if you are able to be flexible and on standby for when we get the call to go and help. We are particularly looking for people with skills such as electricians, plumbers, builders and decorators but anyone with a willingness to get their hands dirty are very welcome.

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