Active appeals August 2020

AMURT Nigeria

Did you know that 19% of ALL global maternal deaths occur in Nigeria and that according to UNICEF 1 in every 10th child won’t reach their 5th birthday?

Can you imagine living somewhere with no electricity or road access? What would you do if you needed urgent medical help?

AMURT’s Akparata Health Center is located in one of the most remote and neglected rural areas of Ebonyi State, Southeast Nigeria. There is no mains electricity and currently no road leading to the area so transport in and out is hazardous.

AMURT Lebanon

Bring critically needed support to the survivors of the Beirut blast now! The AMURT Lebanon team is already on the ground, immersed in intensive relief work and urgently needs your help!

As you know, a massive explosion rocked the center of Beirut on Tuesday, devastating nearly half of the city, shattering windows, flattening cars and collapsing buildings. The AMURT Lebanon team immediately began its disaster intervention, even as team members were still themselves recovering from shock and minor injuries from flying shards of glass. Mercifully, nobody in the local team was severely injured or died during the explosion.

More information about Lebanon Immediate aid to Beirut blast survivors – August 2020

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