Kumar: volunteer at AMURT UK 2014-19

Recognition and appreciation


Kumar volunteered for AMURT for many years first in Malaysia and, more recently, between 2014-19 for AMURT UK.
He helped many members of the community through his personal sacrifice and service to others and we want to honour the big contribution he made to AMURT UK’s work in Liverpool. Here we look at the history of his involvement with AMURT UK.

October: Kumar started the Breakfast Kitchen to offer food, clothes, toys and support to the community in Liverpool’s L15 area and asylum seekers and refugees in Liverpool.

Kumar started collaborating with students from the Help the Homeless Society at the University of Liverpool, for volunteering opportunities at AMURT UK and working together.

April: Kumar opened the AMURT NW Office in Liverpool to expand the services to the community.
October: With the help of experienced TEFL teacher, Dave, they started drop in English classes for refugees and asylum seekers.

July: AMURT NW office moved to The Florrie
Winter: Kumar instigated offering coffee morning meetings to the elderly of Dingle

Spring: Kumar, with the help of Esther and Park Palace Ponies, initiated offering horse riding lessons to the children of refugees and asylum seekers.

On top of all of the above, throughout Kumar’s time in Liverpool he has individually helped numerous individuals and families, by offering food, supplies, time, knowledge and more. It’s like his desire to help others was his priority.

In August 2019 sadly Kumar passed away due to a heart attack during his sleep. Shortly after this we held a memorial where colleagues, friends and family gathered. There were many tributes to his life, inspiration from his desire to do service and his ability to make friends where ever he went. AMURT UK would like to acknowledge the huge contribution he made to the social service work of AMURT UK in Liverpool. Kumar was kind, loving, generous and always went beyond the call of duty to help people in need. He is missed. We would also like to acknowledge his two daughters Jyotsna and Chandana that he left behind. They were an inspiration to him and his work and we wish that they will get through this difficult time with all the love and support that they need. 

Continuing the projects

English classes as of January 2020 are being offered at The Florrie on Wednesdays and Thursdays 1-3pm

The Breakfast Kitchen has been organised and run by the students of the University Of Liverpool’s Help the Homeless Society since November 2019.

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