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AMURT NW works in some of Liverpool's most deprived neighbourhoods where rates of child poverty are at their highest. Their Animal Assisted Therapy programme will give 480 children from disadvantaged families the opportunity to work with ponies and experience some of the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy. Animal Assisted Therapy can improve mental health and tackle feelings of isolation. It teaches children empathy, patience, responsibility, self worth, social skills and confidence.

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AMURT UK is supporting the AMURT NW office with their fundraising.

London Feeding Programme 6 years

For 6 years since November 2011, AMURT UK has served food to the homeless on a weekly basis, in central London. The initiative started and grew from Occupy London, which established a temporary camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral between October 2011 – February 2012. The camp housed members of the public including many homeless. Once a week AMURT UK prepared and brought food to the kitchen for the camp residents and visitors and accompanied this with their live and uplifting music. By the summer of 2012 the camps had been evicted and AMURT UK started their programme at Lincoln Inn Fields, where we have remained serving food each week to this day.

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