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AMURT NW works in some of Liverpool's most deprived neighbourhoods where rates of child poverty are at their highest. Their Animal Assisted Therapy programme will give 480 children from disadvantaged families the opportunity to work with ponies and experience some of the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy. Animal Assisted Therapy can improve mental health and tackle feelings of isolation. It teaches children empathy, patience, responsibility, self worth, social skills and confidence.

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AMURT UK is supporting the AMURT NW office with their fundraising.

Healthy Nut bars for the homeless

Shauns Nut bar

Shauns Nut bar

Govinda Lovage, Chairman of AMURT UK, tried a Nut Bar made by Shaun Clohessy of Shaun’s Nut Bars and found it nutritious and felt it more than satisfied his hunger for a meal and so he came up with the idea to share these bars to the homeless to help in many ways:

Govinda contacted Shaun Clohessy, who produces nut bars, granola, raw cakes and more in Newington Green, and Shaun was happy to share the recipe to AMURT UK for them to reproduce the bar for distribution to the homeless. At the end of May AMURT UK volunteers will be trained how to prepare the nut bars.
Nut bar cardGovinda with the help of artist Michelle Charles both designed a card which includes the details of the feeding programme, which is to be placed inside the bar’s packaging.
Here’s a project to share healthy food, advertise both a local healthy food business (in Hackney) and the Thursday feeding programme in Holborn.

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