AMURT Nigeria – conflict in Ebonyi and Cross River State

Since January 2017 violence has escalated between villages, in August AMURT’s Offia Oji health centre was attacked and set on fire.
1200 families, 5000 children displaced by
violent communal conflict
*URGENT* need for
*medical care*
*food aid*
*reconstruction of destroyed clinic and hundreds of homes*
Donations are urgently needed for food, medicines and medical supplies

The humanitarian crisis in our project area caused by the deterioration in the security situation caused by violent communal conflict between villages in Ebonyi and Cross River State.

AMURT in Nigeria has conducted a detailed survey of the IDPs (Internally Displaced People). The scope of the crisis is greater than AMURT thought. It involves more than 8000 people, more than 5000 children. The conditions are getting worse as the displaced families run out of food and money, and hunger sets in. We are doing our best to meet the healthcare situation. We are also taking care of all the cases we see of severe malnutrition. There is need for more food aid to the most needy families and free medical care for the children.

If and when peace returns, the population also needs assistance to reconstruct their homes. About 500 homes have been destroyed.

At this point funds are needed mostly for food and medicines and medical supplies.

More information available in the following report:
Offia Oji Report September 2017

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